MadeMans Service OÜ


Diagnostic of the equipments (electrical, mechanical):

a) Mechanical diagnostics of devices (vibrations, shorts, bearing conditions, resonance, clearances, electrical problems etc.) Calibrated with VIBXPERT II device.
b) Electrical measurements (terminal box cover plate opening, fastening check, About us: electrical measurements, writing protocols) once a year.
The staff has over 10 years of experience in servicing and repairing rotary Carrying out analyses, maintenance plan devising and coordination and electric motors.
24/7 online surveillance – continuous monitoring of equipment status.
You will not need to transport the device to our workshop – Service of electric engines at the client’s location and in the workshop, repairs, sales.
We provide service on-site. You will save assembly, disassembly, Service of pumps, repairs at the client’s location (KSB, AHLSTROM etc) transport costs and time.
Service and repairs of devices at the client’s location: replacing stands, bearings, etc.

Biggest clients: Service and repairs of fans, mills and shredders.
Anne Soojus AS
Fortum Eesti AS Balancing (static or dynamic) at the client’s location
O-I Production Estonia AS
Graanul Invest AS Rotary shafts concentricity check and setup at the client’s location
Hekotek AS (Easy Laser – accuracy class 0.001 mm, calibrated device)
UPM – Kymmene Otepää AS
Tere AS Shaft straightening (hot point method), restoring
Kryos AS
Farm Plant Eesti AS Sales of spare parts: bearings, stands, half couplings, belts, bushings, chains, etc.
Purutuli OÜ
Flex Heat OÜ Sales of new and used electric motors up to 1.5 MW (including high voltage motors)
Lindström OÜ
Bhar Pump OÜ Partnership agreements (Supervision readiness, maintenance contract, repair contract)