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Industrial equipment wireless online monitoring

The versatile, cost-effective and easy to install online monitoring solution to cover distant or difficult to reach locations.

  •     Wireless data transmission
  •     Minimize installation costs
  •     Machine vibration, bearing condition, temperature
  •     All-in-one sensor
  •     Easy and fast setup
  •     Connects 100 sensors per bridge unit
  •     Cost-free PC software for visualization, analysis and configuration

Wireless Condition Monitoring with VIBCONNECT RF offers maximum flexibility and advanced technology. The easy to install sensor units transfer vibration and temperature readings wirelessly to the VIBCONNECT RF bridge. Each sensor unit can connect up to two innovative 3-in-1 sensors.

Various power supply options for the sensor units offer great flexibility for the integration of VIBCONNECT RF on most standard machinery. Thanks to the energy-efficient sensor technology and intelligent power management an optimal battery life is ensured.

The VIBCONNECT RF bridge is the heart of the system and collects the data of up to 50 sensor units (100 sensor locations). A cost-attractive software packaging allows for a quick and seamless integration of VIBCONNECT RF into the proven OMNITREND software.