MadeMans Service OÜ

About Us

MadeMans Service OÜ is a partner who offers knowledgeable solutions for industrial enterprises which you will be benefit  – irrespective of environment, distance or time!
MadeMans Service OÜ was founded in 2010. We have gathered technical knowledges, rational analytical capability and practical experiences what is beeing put into practice which in turn have been found using in real life.  We’re using the best, calibrated deviced in our works, helping create valuable and  profit-making support solutions for our partners.

We belive that simplicity and clarity will make the solutions – we want to find the  simple, reasonable and clearly applicable solutions for the complex problems.

We want to know-how and be the best, but we don’t know far from all, yet!

The competence is the fundamentation of all and we are learning every day!

We belive long term cooperation and hope to reach new challenges.

Yours faithfully,
Margus Pärn
MadeMans Service OÜ manager